Michael McGee and his lovely wife Kelly from Point Pleasant Beach, NJ at Phish's New Years Eve Show at Madison Square Garden in NYC.

Mike had a great time at last year’s first annual Eastport Music Festival, Shall we do it again? Stay tuned..


Please email: if you'd like to volunteer in the future, or share any suggestions or concerns going forward.




Colie Brice

Founder and CEO (Creative Entertainment Organizer)


The 1st Annual Eastport Music Festival was held August 9-11 2019 and featured

home grown original music from Maine as well as a few other states. 

While all genres were welcome, the festival focused on highlighting original music, songs, compositions, or live improvisations. 


The event was held at the Peavey Memorial Library's Bandstand.


Admission was free but donations to the Peavey Memorial Library were heartily encouraged and will go specifically towards their current Brickworks Restauration Fundraising project

If you couldn't make it to the Eastport Music Festival but would like to donate to the library's restoration fund, here is the information about what we'll be doing with the money. Our contact info is here as well.