First and foremost we thank all the musicians and songwriters who graciously and generously donated their talents to help raise approximately $2600 for the Peavey Memorial Library.  It is truly needed and we can not possibly thank you enough.- - especially Tony Tedesco and Jay Walker who traveled over a thousand miles from Asbury Park, NJ at their own expensive and who contributed so much to the festival.


Secondly, we are fortunate to have so many wonderful volunteers in this community who make things like this happen.  Simply put, this would not have happened without the help of Manuela Brice, Catherine J.S. Lee, Fred Fitch, Rafi Hopkins, Ross Furman, Joan Lowden, Michael Morse, Ross Argir, Jeanne Peacock, all the folks at WSHD, and many others.


Thanks as well to Dastardly Dick's, Eastern Maine Images, the Chowder House, the Rose Bud, and the Old Sow Grill among so many other local businesses who supported our effort and also all those allowed us to put up posters, etc. from here to Bangor and back.


I'm probably neglecting someone or something and if so I do humbly apologize.  I'm a little tired but did want to get this modest expression of gratitude out there while it's still fresh on my mind.


Thanks again all :)  


Please email: if you'd like to volunteer in the future, or share any suggestions or concerns going forward.




Colie Brice

Founder and CEO (Creative Entertainment Organizer)


The 1st Annual Eastport Music Festival was held August 9-11 2019 and featured

home grown original music from Maine as well as a few other states. 

While all genres were welcome, the festival focused on highlighting original music, songs, compositions, or live improvisations. 


The event was held at the Peavey Memorial Library's Bandstand.


Admission was free but donations to the Peavey Memorial Library were heartily encouraged and will go specifically towards their current Brickworks Restauration Fundraising project

If you couldn't make it to the Eastport Music Festival but would like to donate to the library's restoration fund, here is the information about what we'll be doing with the money. Our contact info is here as well.

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