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Eastport, Maine is an Island City way Downeast, with views of Canadian islands and the sparkling Passamaquoddy and Cobscook bays.

Its downtown is a National Historic District and is home to galleries, shops, restaurants and the Tides Institute & Museum of Art campus and the nearby Eastport Arts Center.

The city's year-round population is 1,300, with summer residents and visitors adding to the mix.

The island retains its gritty working waterfront edge with pride while supporting a flourishing arts scene.

The island is part of the ancestral lands of the Wabanaki, "People of the Dawnland", with the Passamaquoddy Tribe neighboring Eastport at Sipayik.


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About Coleman "Colie" Brice:

"I'm an active local musician who has organized dozens of local events and fundraisers. I have released 36 solo albums, all commercially available, and I have been employed in the music business for over thirty years from DIY indie efforts to running a label distributed nationally by a major label.

I have worked as a musician, songwriter, sound engineer, label executive, and chief cook and bottle washer.. I was heavily involved in the Asbury Park, N.J. and Hollywood, Calif. music scenes.

I've played empty bars and sold out amphitheatres."


Coleman was invited to organize the festival by the city's Economic Development and Growth Initiative and was recently appointed the EDGE Music Project Manager.

"I was invited to try and match my skills and experience with a need to contribute to Eastport's downtown revival and because I have a lifelong passion for helping original artists

come out of the herd and BE HEARD."

About E.D.G.E - Eastport Development & Growth Effort

Formerly knows as the Downtown Committee:

Eastport City Council established the Downtown Committee on April 21, 2003. Its mission was to protect and sustain our historic downtown through authentic preservation, economic development and cultural activity and to benefit the community at large. This mission has now expanded to all of Eastport, reflected in the Committee's new name, the Eastport Development & Growth Effort.

The Committee’s responsibilities include: working with local businesses, non-profit organizations; economic developers, cultural entities and governmental agencies; applying for and administering grant funding for projects; contributing to the city's Comprehensive Plan and Downtown Revitalization Plan and serving as advisers and administrators on matters relating to the economic well being of Eastport.

About Lunamuse Designs

Manuela Brice, a.k.a. Lunamuse, is a multi-faceted artist and brings an artistic approach to every aspect of her life and work. She is always happy to share and apply her talents in her local community, combining the left and right hemispheres of her brain in equal measures of logic and creativity as a self-employed IT Consultant, Fiber & Visual Artist, Singer, Painter and Writer alike.

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